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Making Art with Heart takes a lot of love…

Dear Friends: as you’ve likely heard many times before, our ticket sales cover less than half of the operating costs for any production. So the good work of Good People is simply not possible without additional financial support.

We strive to be worthy of your financial support by putting out a very high quality product. And we’re also working on creating the appropriate tax advantage for you as donors.

Therefore, Good People Theater Company is currently in the process of applying for 501c3 status. Our filing for Federal determination goes in mid-July 2013 and we’ve been told two good pieces of news.  First, since we’re not a political non-profit, we should have a decision in a reasonable amount of time (…not sure exactly what “reasonable” means, but we’re hoping for the best…!) And once we get our determination, we should be able to retroactively give you credit for a non-profit donation in this, our inaugural year. So, we will keep you posted on this developing situation…!

Meanwhile, if you care about Good Theater.  If you thrive on Good Energy.  And you believe in Good People, our Paypal button (right over there >>) is ready to record your kindness!