Does Los Angeles really need another small theater company? Good People say Yes!

The Good People Theater Company is membership theater group dedicated to presenting revivals of musicals and plays in the intimacy of 99-seat theater spaces, produced to the highest standards by actors and theater techs of many generations.  Our goals as an organization:

Contribute to Living History: We are dedicated to thoughtful revival productions because we believe in theater’s miraculous tradition of storytelling and are dedicated to keeping that history alive.

Sell the Value of the Live Experience: We present live revival theater because we believe it’s a unique “off line” arts experience that can both inspire and engage audiences who’ve not yet seen this work and bring the joy of familiarity and reconsideration to audiences who know these works well.

Clean Storytelling: We believe there’s artistic merit in presenting a style of spare, focused theater that honors the author’s storytelling as directly as possible.

A Proper Forum for a Unique Talent: Janet Miller—the company’s founding artistic director—is a walking theater encyclopedia and a true triple threat as a director of straight plays, a director of musicals and a choreographer.  We believe Janet is one-of-a-kind who deserves a professional forum for her talents and ideas.

Do Some Good: We believe quality theater changes people—the actors, theater techs, musicians, and audiences young and old who experience it—for the better. It’s important to us to be good, to do good and make a difference.

And now, please meet the Good People Theater Company Principals