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Barrymore / Earned Media


Great preview audience, opening night sold out, 5-star audience reviews on Goldstar, and the reviewers love the show!

Reprise Production Coverage (2014)

Tolucan Times (Margie Barron) “…any actor who takes on the role (of John Barrymore)…has to be handsome, witty and charming enough to excuse (Barrymore’s) excesses. A man who has proven himself to be a great performer throughout his career…Gordon Goodman fits perfectly into the ‘Great Profile’…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Tolucan Times (2013-01-09)

Original Production Reviews (2013)

LA Weekly (Steven Leigh Morris)“…a performance with craft and wit…commanding, impish and tragic. Goodman tosses off the play’s many ribald jokes and one-liners with aplomb, and has a winking, wry rapport with the audience…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE LA Weekly Review 2013-11
Broadway World (Don Grigware)“…Gordon Goodman’s outstanding performance is spot-on delightfully and skillfully executed…I have to hand it to Janet Miller. Her staging of the piece is impeccable and she allows Goodman the freedom to strut his stuff…”   PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE BroadwayWorld Review
Broadway World (Shari Barrett)“…the über-talented Gordon Goodman is Barrymore-handsome… (and delivers) a performance that honors the complexity of Barrymore’s life…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE BroadwayWorld Barrett Review
A Taste of Dawn Magazine (Dawn Garcia)“…(Gordon Goodman’s) performance was heart wrenching at times, hysterical, and truly pristine…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE ATOD Magazine Review
Arts In LA (Melinda Schupmann) “…Goodman is clearly passionate in his portrayal…Christopher Plummer originated this play in New York to critical acclaim, and Goodman is a worthy successor…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE ArtsInLA Review
Examiner (Cynthia Citron)“…Goodman is mesmerizing from the moment he walks onstage…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Examiner Review & Long Beachcomber (Ben Miles) “…directed with care and creativity by Janet Miller…(and) for connoissuers of outstanding performances, Gordon Goodman’s channeling of John Barrymore is well worth it…  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE ShowMag Review  /  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Long Beachcomber Review
Stage Happenings (Robert Machray) Goodman delivers “a wonderful understanding of this larger than life actor…riveting…hopefully this show will bring a spotlight to this marvelous performer.”   PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Stage Happenings_Machray
Stage Happenings (Dale Reynolds) “…Goodman finds the charisma and the glibness, as well as the seriousness underneath the mask.  It’s a fine performance, theatrical and intimate…Director Janet Miller continues to astonish with her deeply-rooted understanding of intimate theatricality, allowing the audience time to laugh as well as to reflect…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE StageHappenings Reynolds
StageScene LA (Steven Stanley)  “…Goodman not only looks the part, he acts the living daylights out of it…’Jack’ may no longer have been The Great Barrymore when we meet him in 1942, but Goodman is great indeed in 2013.”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE StageSceneLA Review
Shakespeare In LA (Ellen Dostal)  “…With masterful insight, Goodman skillfully…reveals a devastatingly honest connection with his troubled characters as they interrupt the decline of age. It is a play, and a performance, for anyone who loves the theater.”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Shakespeare in LA Review
Tolucan Times (Pat Taylor)  “…mind-bendingly powerful production…(Goodman is) in turns charming, elegant, bawdy, animated, self-deprecating, hilarious, bitter, ‘off color’… and captivating throughout…”   PDF: GPTC Barrymore Tolucan Times Review

Facebook Buzz

David C Nichols (LA Drama Critics Circle member)  “…Gordon Goodman is revelatory… (a) nuanced, resonant, ultimately touching tour de force…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE David C. Nichols FB Review
A Real Barrymore reviews BARRYMORE on FaceBook: John Blyth Barrymore—the grandson of the historic Hollywood grandee of Luce’s play—attended our 11/8 preview. The next morning he had this to say to his FaceBook Friends: “…I went last night to see the FIFTH production of Luce’s play…about my grandfather…It was with great trepidation I went to the Greenway Court theater last night expecting to suffer through yet another production of what I thought to be a mediocre script at best…I was completely blown away by Gordon Goodman’s performance…as directed by Janet Miller…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE John Barrymore FB Review

Original Production Feature Stories (2013)

LA Stage Times by Steven Sabel – Q&A interview with Gordon Goodman and Janet Miller published on November 13, 2013.  “…it’s not an imitation.  It’s interpretation, not impersonation…”  PDF: GPTC_BARRYMORE_LA Stage Times Q&A_2013-11
BroadwayWorld by Ellen Dostal – Q&A interview with Gordon Goodman and Janet Miller published on November 1, 2013.  “…For me, Barrymore became a very fascinating case study in the complexities of a truly creative—if slightly out of control—life…it became a character I really wanted to play, to get inside of, especially as I’ve gotten older.  So when Janet called to suggest the project, it was as if she’d been reading my mind…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Q&A BroadwayWorldQ&A 2013-11
Long Beachcomber by Ben Miles – Q&A interview with Gordon Goodman and Janet Miller published on December 12, 2013.  “…To portray (Barrymore) in three dimensions was my challenge…John B. Barrymore, the grandson of Barrymore, praised the performance.  That meant the world to me…”  PDF: GPTC BARRYMORE Long Beachcomber Interview