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Press Reviews 

Stage Raw – RECOMMENDED! – Neal Weaver  “…smartly directed by Janet Miller with expert musical direction by Corey Hirsch…Of the three productions of the piece this writer has seen, this one comes closest to finding the right balance…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / Stage Raw Review / 2015-06
Stage and Cinema – Tony Frankel  “…Previous to seeing Janet Miller’s terrifically satisfying production, I saw four versions…Yet this rendition—strictly bare-bones for the Fringe—actually does justice to Sondheim’s work better than any other revival I’ve seen…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / Stage and Cinema / 2015-06
Broadway World – Don Grigware  “…Can the actors sing and can they pull me into the story? In Marry Me A Little, most definitely, yes, yes, yes!! Once again, Janet Miller’s vision is so clear, so pure. She appreciates Sondheim’s artistry and knows how to convey it simply and most beautifully. Don’t miss Marry Me A Little…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / BroadwayWorld / 2015-06 – Michael Van Duzer “…By casting legit singers, Jessie Withers and David Laffey in the roles, Miller guarantees that musical values are as vital as those all-important lyrics. This, of course, means that the songs cut from the operetta-like A Little Night Music are given their vocal due…Withers and Laffey are compelling and effective throughout and, as most of the songs are both rangy and vocally challenging, it is great to hear them sung without strain…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / ShowMag Review / 2015-06 – Travis Michael Holder  “…an inspired choice for (the) Hollywood Fringe Festival…Perfect for the whimsical mind and smoothly modulated talents of director/choreographer Miller,..Withers has a gorgeous, rich, near-operatic soprano that the notoriously discerning, cranky ol’ Uncle Stephen would appreciate…Laffey has a splendid voice as well…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / ArtsinLA Review / 2015-06
Edge of the Net – Les Spindle  “…Miller brings energy and taste to this simply staged yet handsome and engaging production, trusting the virtues of the unpretentious material in a sometimes quite moving hour of song and dance…Withers aces the wit and melancholy…Laffey showcases his voice to stellar effect…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / LADCC_Edge on the Net / 2015-06
Culver City News – Shari Barrett  “…presented with loving care…(they) handle everything with great skill and perfect timing…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / CulverCityNews / 2015-06 – Steven Stanley “…With director Janet Miller and stars Jessie Withers and David Laffey making magic on the Lillian Theatre stage, Marry Me A Little is likely to prove one of Hollywood Fringe 2015’s most popular and acclaimed hits…Both Withers and Laffey sing gloriously whether soloing or in duet. Miller’s directorial touches are inspired. If there’s one musical not to miss at this year’s Hollywood Fringe, it’s likely to be Marry Me A Little. I liked it more than a little. I liked it a lot.”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / StageScene LA Review / 2015-06 – Ernest Kearney  “Producer/director Janet Miller has done a splendid job…Both Laffey and Withers manage to make it seem as if this show was tailor made for them…All in all a tip top presentation that I dare an audience not to enjoy.”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / Tvolution Review / 2015-06 – Colin Mitchell  “…tell me a story that makes me care. And I’m happy to say, they did. In quite an enchanting manner…This show absolutely soars…when the two performers blend into duet…Once again proves that Good People Theater has officially staked their claim as one of the top companies putting up musicals that others might shy away from.”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / Bitter Lemons Review / 2015-06-11

Patron Reviews

David Nichols via Facebook (like him here) “What makes this particular reading so very special is the infinite subtlety with which director Janet Miller plies her wares, making certain that the intentions come from within the material without losing sight of the abstract objective–this pair is obviously made for each other, if only they had any idea of the other’s existence…Enigmatic without heaviness, virtuosic without showiness, and, with invaluable music director Corey Hirsch pulling out all the stops, melodic without grandiosity…In short, it’s perfect, and should not be missed under any circumstances.”  PDF: GTPC Marry Me A Little / David Nichols FB Post / 2015-06-11
Daniel Faigin via his blog Observations Along the Road  “…if you combine great direction and performance, you can get what I saw this afternoon: an instantiation of such a musica that can make you forget the sources of the previously little-known songs and see the collection as a touching whole piece…”  PDF: GPTC Marry Me A Little / CA Highways / 2015-06
Fringe Audience Write-Ups (17 and counting…check them out here)
“…The two actors are absolutely fantastic…if you want a really clean, classic piece of musical theatre…this should go on your Fringe list.”
“…very cute, enjoyable show staged around some brilliant songs. If you love musicals, grab a ticket for this one!”
“…this is the best Marry Me I have seen and  you may ever see. Don’t miss it!”

News Coverage

Musicals in LA“…for patrons who know their Sondheim it’s an ‘oh, I love that song. And that song. And that song’ kind of show….” PDF: Musicals In LA_Marry Me News_2015-05
GraceNotes by Susan Grace PDF: GPTC_Marry Me News_Musicals In LA