The Toxic Avenger Musical / Social Media

The Toxic Avenger Musical / Social Media

Lloyd Kaufman (Toxie’s Dad!) Rocks our Show on Social

First, if you care about TOXIC AVENGER in general, then you should follow Uncle Lloyd and his Troma Team.   And we won’t overload you with the Instagrams and Tweets that went around during TOXIC. But here’s a recap of the love affair that blossomed between our cast and TOXIC’s creator, Lloyd Kaufman!

Uncle Lloyd tracked us, liked and re-tweeted to 33,000 followers

Uncle Lloyd_1

He LIKED the heck out of Kim Dalton’s (our Sara’s) Instagram

Uncle Lloyd_3

He helped us share our LA TIMES (!!) review

Uncle Lloyd_2

And our Toxie (Jared Reed) and Sara (Kim Dalton) hung out with him at Comicon!

Uncle Lloyd_4


Fringe Patron Reviews

With 50+ unedited audience reviews on file you’ll see: HFF16 kinda loved Toxie.
Here’s a sample:

Fringe Review Sample