The Toxic Avenger Musical / Media

The Toxic Avenger Musical / Media

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Press Reviews

LA Times / Critic’s Pick  “..ingenious execution transcends the sum of its scattered body parts, and the results are seat-of-its-pants uproarious. Big-theater honchos, take note.”   PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_LA Times Review
Talkin’ Broadway  “quick, witty, campy, self-aware, slightly-naughty, winking-at-the-audience fun…impressively executed…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_Talkin’ Broadway Review
Musicals in LA  “…big comedy and big fun by an irresistible cast that really delivers the goods…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_Musicals In LA Review
Discover Hollywood Magazine  “…the cast brought this musical to life so well, you would imagine you were watching this on the most prestigious Broadway stage…” PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_Discover Hollywood Magazine Review
Gia on the Move  “…by far the most polished musical at this year’s Fringe. Not because it has already been published, instead of being a new work…It’s slick because it’s in the hands of Director, Janet Miller. Every moment is calculated, precise and never strays from the tone of the show…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_Gia On the Move! Review
Grigware Reviews  “…even more hilarious than expected…cast of brilliant performers…hysterical,…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER Grigware Reviews
My Haunt Life “…a fine balance is struck by the entire cast (and a woefully under appreciated stagehand who offers silent judgement and insight of their own)…It all adds up to a good, good time…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER My Haunt Life Review
The World Through Night-Tinted Glasses  “…with shows like this once you have a competent script and score, execution is what matters. Here the show really does shine…it all came together in the zany way this particular kind of show begs for—with superlative skill and energy…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER Night-Tinted Glasses Review
Blog Critic “Good People’s production at the Fringe revels in its low-budget splendor…quick changes nothing short of extraordinary…laughs and groans in equal measure…”  PDF: Blog Critic Review_TOXIC AVENGER
LA Music Critic / Indie Voice  “..This show is one of those rare Fringe events — a fully staged off-Broadway musical that chooses to return to the Fringe, and boy are we glad it did…with near perfect direction Toxic Avenger delivers…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER LA Music Critic (Indie Voice) Review
The Tvolution  “…slick, fun…all in all, about as much fun as one can have sitting down and totally dressed.”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER TVolution Review
Observations Along the Road “…spectacular production…the cast in this is outstanding…This is a must see at Fringe. Really.”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER Observations Along the Road Review
Travis Michael Holder  “…a determinedly goofy ensemble of five spectacular performers offer a truckload of laughs… Janet Miller(‘s) wit and humor is everywhere…” PDF: TOXIC AVENGER Travis Michael Holder Review
Shari Barrett  “…a fantastic show…5 actors portray roles to comic perfection…5 musicians who totally rock the house with every number…high quality entertainment…”  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER Shari Barrett Review

Hollywood Fringe Fest Top Picks

TIME OUT Fringe Guide TOXIC one of 10 “must see” shows!  PDF: TOXIC AVENGER_TimeOut Fringe Top 10 Shows
@SeeItOrSkipIt TOXIC On Fringe #ChanceItLA Short List  PDF: GPTC_ToxicAvenger_SeeItOrSkipIt_Fringe Picks

News Coverage

BroadwayWorld Los Angeles Announces GPTC’s Production  PDF: BROADWAY WORLD_Toxic Announcement_2016-05-03
Musicals in Los Angeles Announces GPTC’s Production  PDF: MusicalsInLA_Toxic Announcement_2016-05-06
@ThisStage (LA Stage Alliance Magazine) Announces TOXIC  PDF: @ThisStage_TOXIC AVENGER_@ThisStage Fringe News_2016-05-06